Prior to conducting any open burning within the Town of Peshtigo a DNR annual burning permit must be obtained whenever the ground is not completely covered with snow. After obtaining your permit, and prior to burning, you must then call 1-888-WIS-BURN or go to DNR burning permit regulations  to check for daily burning restrictions.  Permits may be obtained free of charge at the Town Hall, DNR office in Peshtigo, from 2-C's Game Farm or from All-Seasons Equipment on Hwy 64. Permits can also be obtained by calling the DNR burning permit hotline at 1-888-WIS-BURN.

Fire Department Information

The Town of Peshtigo Fire Department was established in 1964.  The department provides emergency services to over 4,000 residents in the 75+ square mile area of the Town of Peshtigo.  The Fire Department is authorized by the Town Board and is operated at the direction of a Fire Chief.

The Town of Peshtigo Fire Department is a volunteer department and its firefighters are on call 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.  Fire personnel are alerted to a call through a radio paging system.  Each member carries a pager and is ready to respond at a moments notice.  Firefighters receive nominal compensation for responding to emergency calls, but volunteer their time for all training, meetings, and work details.  A retirement fund has also been established to provide firefighters a small reward based on their length of service.

We are your neighbors

Town firefighters come from all walks of life and live in your community.  They are volunteers and hold regular jobs in addition to being firefighters.  They are engineers, farmers, mechanics, electricians, mill workers, welders, truck drivers, and more.  They are willing to drop whatever they are doing to help their neighbors at their time of need.


The Town of Peshtigo is looking for a few good men and women to become firefighters.  Applications may be picked up at the Town Hall, from any firefighter or click here.  To be eligible a person must live within two miles of the Town borders, be a Wisconsin resident, be at least 18 years of age, physically able to perform firefighting, and pass a background check.  A minimum of 60 hours of entry-level firefighter training is required and a probationary period must be served before becoming an active firefighter. 

The Town of Peshtigo Fire Department holds monthly meetings the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm.  Persons interested in joining the fire department are always welcome to attend.  Training is conducted by our State Certified Fire Instructors, who also instruct part-time for NWTC.  In-house training sessions are held at the Town fire station the second Monday of each month.  Numerous additional training sessions are scheduled throughout the year and are provided at no cost to the firefighters.  The following photographs show our fire department in ice rescue training, propane burn training and live burn.

Ice_Rescue_Group          Propane_Burn

Live_Burn        Live_Burn2

State firefighter certification and numerous advanced level training courses are made available each year, and are encouraged for all firefighters.  A number of Town firefighters have started out as volunteers, then later hired by neighboring city fire departments as career firefighters.

Town firefighters are also enrolled as members of the Wisconsin State Firefighters Association, receive the Wisconsin Fire Journal, and insurance coverage.

Emergency Responses

The Town of Peshtigo's firefighters are trained and equipped to respond to a variety of emergencies.  These include all types of fires including structural, vehicle and wild land fires.  The fire department also responds to vehicle crashes, providing for patient extrication with it's Jaws of Life, and assists Emergency Medical Services upon request for other life threatening incidents.  The fire department is also equipped to handle water and ice rescue.  Other emergency responses include Carbon Monoxide alarms, fuel spills, commercial and residential fire alarms, and downed power lines.

The Town of Peshtigo has mutual aid agreements with all surrounding fire departments including the Cities of Marinette and Peshtigo, county wide mutual aid, and agreements with the Department of Natural Resources for wild land fire suppression.

Quality fire protection is provided with state-of-the art equipment by trained firefighters 24/7/365.

Fire Apparatus

The Town has one fire station that is located adjacent to the Town Hall on Old Peshtigo Road.  All fire apparatus and equipment is housed at that location and consists of:

Two Fire Engines

Two Brush Trucks

Two Tankers

One Six-Wheeler

One Water/Ice Rescue Trailer with Rapid Deployment Craft

The Town uses state of the art Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) technology on Engine 205.  Other state of the art equipment used by the Town includes thermal imaging cameras, multi-gas detection meters, Scott self-contained breathing apparatus, Jaws of Life and air bags.



The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has given the Town a Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification 6 rating for one and two family homes and a Class 5 rating for commercial and industrial property.

ISO Fire Protection Class rating is a Class 6 for all properties located within five road miles of the fire station.  Verify your insurance carrier has this rating information.

Fire Commission

The Fire Commission consists of five citizens, each serving a term of three years and are appointed by the Town Chairperson.  They are to oversee the operation of the department, evaluate equipment and budgetary request, appoint the chief, shall approve all appointments, promotions and terminations made by the Fire Chief and in general involve themselves in all department issues.

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