Plan Commission/Board of Appeals Membership:

PFAS-Free Foam Initiative

Early last year, the fire department took action to eliminate all storage and use of PFAScontaining foam products.

During February 2020, we partnered with the Cities of Marinette and Menominee, MI fire departments to hire a licensed environmental contractor to clean out and disinfect all apparatus Class B foam tanks and to dispose of our Class B foams. Although these foams were rarely used, a large supply had been kept on hand in case of flammable liquid spills or fires.

We have since switched to PFAS-free Class B foam concentrate and have obtained a small supply of PFAS-free training foam. The product we are now using (Universal Green foam) has been tested and certified to be PFAS free.

Although we still do maintain Class A foam in our inventory and on our apparatus, we have changed operating procedures to use it only when absolutely needed on a controlled and very limited basis. We have submitted samples of this foam for independent testing and DNR has done the same. To date, no presence of PFAS chemicals has been found in any of the products we use.

Chief Folgert has also been appointed to a PFAS Task Force with the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association and has been actively engaging in efforts to promote the elimination, disposal and replacement of PFAS foams from all Wisconsin fire departments.