Spring Clean-Up Day: Spring clean-up day for residents will be May 13, 2023.  It will include a free document shredding truck for documents you would like destroyed.  Each householdwill be allowed up to 1 free truckload of items to be disposed of: including furniture, TVs, electronics, appliances and freon items.  You can bring up to 4 car or Light truck tires off the rims, tires on rims will be charged.  Tractor tires and Semi tires will be the normal charge.  We will take up to 20 fluorescent bulbs.  As always, we will take batteries, metal, recycling, yard waste, and now brush, free.  Please do not put, any Plastic bags in the recycling.  We do ask that you do not bring in any diseased brush to the recycling center because it is available free to residents after being chipped. All vehicles entering the Recycling center must have a Town of Peshtigo sticker adhered to the front window, either in the lower left or lower right, it must be visible to the attendants.  The recycling center is for town residents only.  We do not take building materials, automotive oil, or hazardous waste.  Any paint cans must be without lids and paint must be completely dried.  This clean up day is for household use only, no business or commercial waste.

Job Opening

Official Title:

Roads and Ditches Foreman

Part Time Position

Job Summary;

The town Roads and Ditches Fireman will work under the general supervision of the Town Board, reporting to the Road Supervisor in accordance with all Town Policies, procedures local ordinances, and State and Federal law.

The Roads and Ditches Foreman will perform work for the Town as required.  Duties to help support the Town Board and The Town Supervisor in charge of Roads and Building Maintenance.  The duties include but are not limited to; General building and equipment maintenance and repair, lawn care (at the Town Hall and Town parks), snow removal (at the Town Hall, parks, Recycling Center, Fire Department fill sites).   It also includes ditch maintenance, brushing, grass cutting, tree removal and culvert clearing.  Storms cleanup of trees and brush, road and shoulder repair and patching, road sign repair and replacement (including emergency calls for stop sign replacement) and fire number installation.  Included are garbage clean-up from roads and ditches, and roadkill removal and disposal.

Please send applications/resumes to [email protected]  EOE