Trash & Recycling

Recycling Center

Available to Town of Peshtigo residents ONLY (NOT for commercial use)

Town sticker required (may be obtained from the Recycling Center attendants or the Town Hall during normal business hours)

Hours of operation:

Wednesdays 12:00pm – 5:00pm

2nd & 4th Saturdays 8:00am - 1:00pm

*** Hours subject to change ***


Upcycle: An area is available for items no longer wanted that may be useful to others. Items must be in good condition and not be affected by weather.


Mulch: FREE to residents; NOT for commercial or resale. Contact the Town Hall in advance for required assistance to load a large truck/trailer.

Recycling Center Fees

Price List (Board Approved 2-20-2024)

Attendants present to collect fees and to answer questions regarding placement of items.

W1945 Old Peshtigo Road

Items NOT Accepted

The Recycling Center does not accept construction material (vinyl siding, shingles, insulation, concrete blocks, roofing, drywall, etc.) nor will it take any items from a commercial business. Residents may take items to Mar-Oco Landfill located at N7785 Shaffer Road, Crivitz.

Mar-Oco Landfill Website

Automotive Oil: O-Reilly’s, AutoZone, RZR Auto Salvage, RSI Automotive, and Kaempf’s accept used motor oil.

Hazardous Chemicals/Waste: Watch for Marinette County's “Clean Sweep.”

Paint/Stain Cans: These items cannot be accepted unless the container is empty, completely dry with the lid off the can. Old paint/stain can be poured on paper or cardboard and allowed to dry completely in order for it to be accepted.

Plastic Shopping Bags: These items should be brought to Wal-Mart, Lofaro’s Family Foods, or Jack’s Fresh Market for recycling.

Items Accepted

Recycling Center attendants available for questions regarding placement of items.

***PLEASE DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC BAGS IN THE RECYCLING COMPACTOR, consider taking to Wal-Mart, Lofaro’s Family Foods, or Jack’s Fresh Market for recycling.

Aluminum Cans and Tin: Aluminum, steel, tin cans, pie tins. Food must be rinsed from all containers. Paper labels do NOT need to be removed. "Cans for Kids" aluminum can collection available.

Appliances with Freon: Refrigerators/freezers with doors removed, air conditioners, dehumidifiers.

Batteries: Automotive, marine, small engine, etc. Alkaline batteries no longer need to be recycled and can be placed in regular garbage.

Brush: Brush and tree branches up to 4” in diameter will be chipped into mulch. Tree branches larger than 4” in diameter will be made available for residents to pick up for firewood. Fence posts or any wood with nails will NOT be accepted.

Cardboard/Paper: Flattened cardboard, cereal boxes, detergent boxes, shoe boxes, file folders, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, sticky notes, telephone books, envelopes including pressure sensitive. Not recyclable: carbon paper, paper towel/napkins, facial tissue, photos, photographic paper, self-adhesive labels, wax paper or pet-soiled paper. These items are considered garbage; please dispose of accordingly.

Computers: Towers and monitors.

Fluorescent Bulbs


Garbage: All garbage must be bagged and NOT contain recyclables.

Glass: All types of glass including colored, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF auto glass, mirrors or tinted glass, crystal type materials or beverage glasses, light bulbs, or Pyrex and other heat-resistant ovenware. Items NOT accepted as recyclable should be placed in garbage.

Large Items: Roll-off on site.


Metal or Steel Objects: All appliances NOT containing Freon (stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) and any kind of metal including metal siding, soffit, fascia, metal hangers, etc.


Yard Waste: Leaves, grass clippings for composting. Leaves do not need to be raked or bagged - only mowed. Once the material has been compacted, it will be moved to a compost area for residents to pick up for free.

  • *Please make sure there are no plastic bags or garbage in your yard waste.