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The Town of Peshtigo operates a volunteer based, paid-per-call fire department consisting of up to 25 firefighters that have proudly served our community for almost 60 years.
Established in 1964, the department covers the entire 56 square mile Town of Peshtigo, serving a population of over 4,100 residents. The service area includes those rural areas outside the city limits of both Marinette and Peshtigo and extending into the waters of Green Bay on two sides.

Through its fire department, the Town provides primarily fire protection and technical rescue services, relying on the private volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad and hospital based paramedics to provide emergency medical services. Call volume averages 110 calls per year and all responses are based out of one fire station on Old Peshtigo Road.

The Town of Peshtigo Fire Department is an active member of the Marinette County Fire Association and Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 144.
Town firefighters are all trained to meet or exceed state mandated training standards. In addition, the department has a number of firefighters trained as hazardous materials technicians that assist the City of Marinette Hazmat Team and several that are state certified fire instructors.

Contact Us

In an emergency, DIAL 911. For administrative questions or needs you may call the Town Hall at (715) 582-4332.

Mailing Address:
W2435 Old Peshtigo Road
Marinette, WI 54143

E-Mail: [email protected]

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The mission of the Town of Peshtigo Fire Department is to provide fire protection and related emergency services in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all town residents, occupants, visitors and their properties.


Our vision is to provide high quality and efficient emergency services by developing and maintaining community partnerships, by hiring and training exceptional volunteers, and by meeting or exceeding state and national standards as related to the fire service.


We value having pride in our organization, the service we provide, and the equipment we use.

We value the honor of being part of a profession that is trusted by the community.

We value the integrity and honesty of our members and what upholding these values means to our customers.

We value the dedication, commitment to excellence, and reliability in everything we do.

We value leadership, teamwork, innovation, respect and tolerance in our organization.

We value cooperation and partnerships with other emergency service providers.

We value the social good in what we do as an organization and as individuals.

Come Join Us

We continually seek out individuals who are team players with a strong desire to help others, possessing the courage and dedication to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice. We do have high expectations of our volunteers, but we respect the fact that they have lives, families and jobs that take precedent outside the fire department. We do promote training beyond the minimum standards and ask for regular participation in department activities. In exchange for your commitment, we promise to treat our firefighters with respect, outfit them with the best equipment available and we won’t waste your time.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Live or work within ten miles of the Town of Peshtigo Fire Station (City of Marinette and City of Peshtigo residents are eligible) 
  • Be at least 18 years of age and out of high school 
  • Possess a valid driver's license 
  • Have a clean background check with no criminal or felony convictions 
  • Pass a medical and occupational physical exam including drug screening test 
  • Complete minimum 60-hour Entry Level Firefighter training within one year
  • Complete a six-month probationary period following completion of Entry-Level Firefighter training

To apply, pick up an application at the Peshtigo Town Hall or click here for an application 

Our Firefighters

Active Firefighters
Folgert, Mike, Chief

Mike Folgert
Serving since 1986

Seils, Rich, Asst. Chief

Rich Seils
Asst. Chief
Serving since 1991

Monnette, Derek, Captain

Derek Monnette
Serving since 2012

Kass, Ryan, Captain

Ryan Kass
Serving since 2011

Pacli, Joe, Lieutenant

Joe Paoli
Serving since 2016

Aschbacher, Gabe

Gabe Aschbacher
Serving since 2018

Buechler, Jed

Jed Buechler
Serving since 2008

Meyer, Jim

Jim Meyer
Serving since 2005


Chris Callies
Serving since 1997

Coble, Clarence

Clarence Coble
Serving since 1974

Couillard, Justin

Justin Couillard
Serving since 2018

DeForge, Jordan

Jordan DeForge
Serving since 2021

Walk, Justin

Justin Walk
Serving since 2022

Kacalo, Alli

Alli Kacalo
Serving since 2022

Matthews, James

James Matthews
Serving since 2018

Peterson, Brittany

Brittany Peterson
Serving since 2008

Sebero, Dan

Dano Sebero
Serving since 2018

Walker, Adam

Adam Walker
Serving since 2017

Staszak, Adam

Adam Staszak
Serving since 2014


We thank and honor all past members of the Town of Peshtigo Fire Department who retired after reaching the age of 50 and having served as a volunteer firefighter for at least 15 years. 

If you know of other retirees who are missing from this list please let us know so we can add them.

Bob Eggener, 1987-2020

Scott Fredericksen, 2004-2019

Mark Monnette, 1982-2018

Tim Roggendorf, 2005-2016

Norm Rohde, 1983-2015

Brian Peterson, 1989-2015

Bryan Peth, 1971-2013 (deceased)

Grace Pennings, 1977-2010

Rose Peth, 1982-2005

Amber Lynwood, 1986-2005

Gary Lynwood, 1986-2004

Dale Edlbeck, 1983-2001

Jim Doemel, 1985-1997

Bill Johnson, 1973-1988

Richard Kotecki 1964-1985 (deceased)

Connie Doemel, 1988-1997

Alex Dudka (deceased)

Franklin Biernet (deceased)

Herb Hoffman (deceased)

Tom Grandaw (deceased)

Daniel Erickson

Art Bigger (deceased)

Dennis Behnke (deceased)

Leonard Peth Sr. (deceased)

Norm Mumpy

Daniel Lea (deceased)

Nels Plym Sr. (deceased)

Richard Zoellner

John Sutek

Our Apparatus

Public Education and Fire Prevention

Our History

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Remembering the Peshtigo Fire of 1871

2021 was the Sesquicentennial year of America’s most deadly forest fire that burned over 1.2 million acres in northeast Wisconsin, also taking over 1,000 lives on October 8, 1871.

Learn more about this tragic fire by checking out the following link:

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