2019-12 Drinking Water Supply Evaluation Cedar Corp

2020-07-10 Town of Peshtigo - Letter to Mayor Steve Genisot

2020-10 TOP Resolution to work w:City of Marinette

2021 Marinette Resolution Against Providing Water to TOP

2021-7-2 City of Marinette Resolution Letter from TOP

2021-7-7 TOP Water Press Release

2021-7-9 City of Peshtigo Letter to TOP

2021-7-15 TOP Invite Letter to JCI

2021-7-23 Revised City of Peshtigo Letter Offering Water

2021-8 TOP PFAS Resolution

2021-8-18 TOP Invitation Letter to City of Peshtigo

2021-12-10 Letter City of Peshtigo re Water Service

2021-17-12 PFAS Map

2021-19-1 FINAL Reimbursement Agreement TOP Signed

2022-1-5 Strand Engineering Analysis REPORT

2022-1-6 Town of Peshtigo Water Supply Alternatives Analysis SUMMARY

2022-2-3 PFAS Listening Session

2022-2-3 Water Matrix

2022-2-3 Water Drawings and Costs

2022-2-14 Water Matrix

2022-3-11 G&E Press Release

DNR List of Certified Water Testing Labs

NRB Testimony for PFAS Standards

DNJ Letter JCI Refusal to Test Wells

DOJ Letter Re JCI Refusal to Test Wells

2022-3-14 Reimbursement Termination

2022-3-24 Town Chair Clarifies Misinformation

2022-3-25 DOJ Response

2022-3-31 TOPFD Fire Protection Fact Sheet

2022-3-31 Peshtigo Fire 5 Mile

2022-4 TOP NEWS on Water

2022-4-8 TOP Secures Scientific Study Press Release

2022-4-12 WMC Lawsuit Ruling Press Release

2022-8-16 PFAS Litigation Press Release

2022-8-26 TOP Hazardous Substance Press Release

2022-8-19 PFAS Warning Sign Placement

2022-9-8 DNR Deep Wells Letter

DG-17-22 Ground Water Scope Statement

2022-9-13 Ground Water Standards

2022-9-28 Request for Clarification and Extended Timeline for Deep Wells


2022-10-18 Town of Peshtigo Litigation Press Release

2022-10-18 Town of Peshtigo Complaint

2023-2-24 Utility District Public Hearing Notice

2023-2-27 Utility District Public Hearing Postcard

2023-2-27 Reukert Mielki Report

2023-3-6 Invite to City of Marinette

2023-3-7 Septic Safety Letter DSPS

2023-3-13 Peshtigo Utility District Public Hearing Handout

2023-3-13 Peshtigo Utilty District Public Hearing Presentation

Tyco Fire Protection Products to exit fluorinated firefighting foam (AFFF) market by June 2024