Advisory Committees

Contact Info.

Town of Peshtigo

W2435 Old Peshtigo Road
Marinette, WI 54143

Phone:  (715) 582-4332
Fax: (715) 582-4330

[email protected]
[email protected]



Chair —  John Kowalski [email protected]
Vice Chair — Tatem Schroeder
Mike Hoard
Tobin Barrett
Paul Zoellner
Chuck LaCourt
Jim Baur
Ed Kowalski

Recycling Center

Chair — Cynthia Baur  [email protected]
Eric Larson
Tom Russell

Culvert Report


PASER Road Condition Map

PASER Report


Chair —  Tatem Schroeder [email protected]
Vice Chair — John Kowalski 

Doug Boucher
Ron Charon
Chuck LaCourt
Bill Getchell
Ed Kowalski


Mission: To achieve a permanent safe drinking water solution, within the current site investigation area in the Town of Peshtigo, at the expense of the identified responsible party.

Chair — Cindy Boyle [email protected]
Vice-Chair — Kayla Furton [email protected]
Cynthia Baur
John Kowalski
Tatem Schroeder
Jeff Lamont
Ruth Kowalski
Keith Jung
Chuck Boyle
Madeline Rastall


Chair — Kayla Furton [email protected]
John Radloff
Terry Rastall
Rick McGowen


Chair — Cindy Boyle [email protected]
Rebecca Schoenebeck
Jay Williams
Tricia Hurley

Public Projects/Grants

Chair — Kayla Furton [email protected]
Joan Eick
Linda Rastall
Betsy Jaeger
Karen Thyne
Jeff Clochesy


Mission: To help support the Town Board with policy recommendations and/or Town Policy creation when the need for such support has been identified by the board as a whole.

Chair — Cindy Boyle [email protected]
Karen Sylvester
Melissa Freeman
Terry Rastall
Marty Eggener
Lisa Michaels
Supervisor Cynthia Baur


Town Board
Chair — Cynthia Baur [email protected]
Phil Eatherton
Karen Sylvester