Roof Bid Notice: Roof proposal Peshtigo Town Hall  Provide an OSHA approved, site specific safety plan. Remove the existing EPDM roof membrane, any wet substrate insulation and any deteriorated decking - properly dispose of waste at a local authorized landfill.  Replace any wet substrate insulation or rotten decking on a time and material basis with approval from Building and grounds supervisor.  Install a high density, mechanically fastened ½” cover board, roof insulation system, list products being used. Provide manufacturers product information. Mechanically fasten new roofing as recommended per manufacturer’s instructions.    Specify mil thickness to meet warranty requirements.  Mechanically fasten a new minimum 6" x 1/2" treated  plywood strip on all perimeters of the roof to account for the new insulation thickness and to properly support the new sheet metal trim at the perimeter. Remove any obsolete penetrations and properly patch the wood deck in advance of new roofing.  A diagram will be provided. Install matching, adhered, manufacturer approved flashings at all roof top penetrations and projections. All field flashings seams and laps will be properly cleaned, and hot air welded per manufacturer instructions. No tape products or adhesive products are to be used for seam securement.  Provide a shop fabricated perimeter trim drip edge strip from clad metal provided by the roof manufacturer. Color Bronze.  Provide a 24 gauge prefinished steel fascia - color dark bronze, to enclose the new lumber used to support the new roof thickness.  Provide waste hauling, cleaning, toilet service and lifting equipment needed for the duration of the roofing project.  Provide a roof manufacturer's minimum 20 year warranty and what is included in the warranty.  Roof must comply with manufacturer’s instructions and the manufacturer shall provide the parts and labor warranty accordingly. Provide certification for qualifications from contractor. Provide an installer’s minimum 2 year workmanship warranty. Base bid estimate (lump sum) Replacement decking (cost per SF) on a T&M basis ( outside the bid) insulation (cost per square foot) and R value on a T&M basis (outside the bid) T&M Labor (cost per hour) for unforeseen structural issues outside the bid Material markup % outside the bid Lead time (weeks) Estimated project duration (working days) Estimated schedule (rough start date) Planned roof manufacturer Provide Certificate of insurance Provide W-9 or proof of incorporation Provide manufacturing data and warranty with quote Provide manufacturer’s maintenance manual Provide fixed price for 60 days Provide (4) references of this roof installation as completed by your company Bids shall be sealed and opened publicly at the next available board meeting Peshtigo Township reserves the right to accept or reject any bids


Annual Firefighter Awards Banquet

The Town of Peshtigo annual firefighter awards banquet was conducted Sunday evening, November 7th at the Little River Country Club.  Attendance included firefighters with their spouses, several fire commission members, our town chairperson and retirees. 

After dinner and a short program, a number of recognition awards were presented by Chief Folgert. Length of service pins were presented to both Dave Dionne and Lt. Joe Paoli for their fve years of service, Capt. Ryan Kass for his 10 years of service and Asst. Chief Rich Seils for 30 years of service. 

Firefighter Darren Jacobson received the 2021 Firefighter of the Year award in recognition of his training and certification accomplishments as well as for his succesful spearheading of our rescue boat project.

Mercury Marine, along with Mercury President, Chris Drees, were recognized for their donation of a boat and motor and Springer Creek Lodge received the local business support award in recognition of their sponsoring of raffles and events that have raised funds for the department. 

Firefighters Gabe Aschbacher Jed Buechler jointly received the coveted “bottle award” and Lt. Paoli received a silver shovel award as a result of certain incidents that occurred throughout the year.