Wish Jodi Maney a Happy Municipal Treasurers Week!:

NEW Turnout Gear Storage Racks

Groves Ready Rack, a Woodstock, IL company that manufactures and sells a number of fire service products and storage units, generously donated nine turnout-gear hanging racks to the Town of Peshtigo Fire Department. This donation has an estimated retail value of over $11,000 and included three wall-mounted racks and six mobile racks that will hold up to 45 sets of turnout gear. These gear hanging racks are a critical component of our firefighter cancer reduction initiative and will help us maintain our turn-out gear in a ready-to-go condition at all times. Now, when our protective clothing becomes soiled after a fire it can be washed, dried and stored right at the fire station without the need for our firefighters to take dirty gear home or carry it around in their family cars.